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you trained me not to love after showing me what it was.....<3.x.

blatent vanity. x .
26 February
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I am Jennifer, raa.

<3 - "The" bands, hugs, music channels, drawyah <33, textes, diesel clothes, morgan, fashion, literature, poetry, art, journalism, making movies/music videos, singing, drama, theatre, flowers, love hearts, hot people, smiling at strangers, being kissed on the forehead, hugged from behind, being picked up, the glint in a person's eye, BLACK BOOKS, Shawn of the dead, Dylan Moran, X-men Comics, The Herbs.

<//3 - People with bad hair and skin, The Thrills, Black shoes and white socks, Distance, Deadlines, Train fares, mixed feelings, pretentious people trying to be elitest even though they are clearly not....die. being ill, exams, ripped posters, 3 hours of business studies, ugly people, STUPID PEOPLE make me ANGRY, tedious things, unsolved issues, chit chat. I am blatently better then you, try and look around how thats a lie but its the truth. I am so past you now.